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Amphibianpetadvisor is an initiative of Asociación Herpetológica Española, Associação Portuguesa de Herpetologia and Pura Vida, to avoid the spread of amphibian infectious diseases


Amphibianpetadvisor is an initiative of the European project ‘Mitigating a new infectious Disease in Salamanders to counteract a loss of European biodiversity’, funded by the European Commission (, in collaboration with Asociación Herpetológica Española (AHE), Associação Portuguesa de Herpetologia (APH) and Pura Vida.

Emerging diseases

Emerging diseases are the most concerning threat for amphibians, causing their widespread decline worldwide. In some cases, we are able to cure  infected animals, but unfortunately the eradication of pathogens in natural environments is impossible for the moment. Therefore, the best approach against these diseases is to avoid their dispersion.

Although these diseases can be dispersed accidentally or naturally, animal trade is the main source. Therefore Amphibianpetadvisor aims to prevent the spread of amphibian infectious diseases by monitoring specimens that are for sale. In addition, we want to help guarantee the legal provenance and welfare conditions of amphibians sold as pets.

If you are going to buy an amphibian pet

You can check if your provider meets all the legal requirements and their animals are in adequate health and welfare conditions.

If you trade with amphibians

This initiative can help you guarantee good practices.


Together we can help protect amphibians around the planet and contribute to the welfare of our pets.

Our certificates

The sellers and breeders that collaborate with us can announce the amphibians that they sell through our website

Sellers and breeders provide information about the origin, the conditions of their facilities, and the health of their amphibians. According to this, we can guarantee that the animals have a legal origin, are in good condition and do not have any diseases.

Each time a seller uploads new animals for sale in the section “products”, we add the corresponding certificate for each area. Entries that have not yet been evaluated, or are pending to provide information, display the corresponding certificates non-highlighted (in gray). While certificates displayed in green indicate that the area of interest is certified by us.

According to the number of certificates granted, each seller has an average grade for each type of certificate. This grade is shown by a rating of 1 to 5 stars for each store.

Bred in Captivity Certified

The seller can prove the legal origin of the animals

Animal Welfare Certified

We can ensure that the animals are in optimal conditions of maintenance in captivity

Disease Free Certified

We have carried out an analysis of pathogens and we verify that the animals are free of diseases

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